Interpretation Services

Lost in translation’. It happens all the time!

English for example, when simply interpreted into another language isn’t always successful in delivering the message that was originally intended. People read, listen to or watch translated messages with their own interpretations, interpretations that can often lead to an understanding or rather a misunderstanding, transferring a message that is very different from what was originally intended.

If you are an organization with interpretation needs who feels very strongly that message you convey is being absorbed accurately, you need the services of a professional interpretation team.

Holli Marks, LLC offers that Professional Interpretation service for you.

Who & What Situations Can Benefit from Holi Marks, LLC’s Interpretation Services?

  • Business meetings
  • Business transactions
  • Inmigration
  • Depositions
  • Med-Legal
  • Parent/Teacher meetings
  • School functions & more
  • Prognosis
  • Diagnosis & discharge instructions
  • Insurance policies & more
  • Assemblies
  • Public
  • Addresses & other public forums
  • Language providers
  • Transportation providers
  • Public
  • Private

Workers Comp:

  • IME
  • AME
  • QME
  • PQME

The interpretation team at Holli Marks streamlines solutions for organizations looking for consecutive or simultaneous interpretation services. We also provide quality services around the clock so you can operate more efficiently and hassle free.

Through our team and extensive network of professional and certified interpreters, Holli Marks is able to facilitate just the service you need, with minimal notice, and top notch customer service.

Looking For Profesional Interpretation Services?

An Invite to Collaborate with Holli Marks

Let’s work together!
Holli Marks routinely collaborates with qualifying freelancers who are experienced, certified or trained in offering professional interpretation, translation and business services. If you wish to work with Holli Marks, email us your resume and credentials, using the contact information provided above. We look forward to connecting with you!

    *Holli Marks, LLC reserves the right to choose or not to choose freelancers who contact us for collaborative work opportunities. We screen freelancers for qualifications, professionalism, experience, certifications and for a culture-fit as well.